Artist Statement


Steve Dodd paints the places and people he feels the deepest connection to. In his harbour-side studio, he works with swift, gestural brushstrokes to transform the sketches he has made from life into finished pieces. Often this means he will paint different versions, trying alternative colours and compositions until hitting on the truest evocation of the source material that inspired him

An abiding influence on his work is the teaching of Miles Richmond, himself a pupil of the great David Bomberg, who advocated sincere and thorough observation combined with spontaneous expressionist techniques. That is why Dodd avoids referring to photographs, preferring to mediate the image himself by utilising an instinctive, vital approach that teeters just the right side of chaos and allows for the unplanned to emerge.

There is always a conjuring act between intention and the unexpected in Dodd’s work. Each of the paintings he undertakes provokes new and unrehearsed challenges for him and represents a record of the pleasure found in the struggle to make it.